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The International Climate Change Partnership
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The ICCP Mission Statement

        The International Climate Change Partnership (ICCP) is a global coalition of companies and trade associations from diverse industries committed to constructive and responsible participation in the international policy process concerning global climate change. The ICCP recognizes that the continued growth in emissions of greenhouse gases is an important concern for all nations and that efforts are underway internationally and in national governments to develop policies that address this concern.

ICCP Core Beliefs:

  • Climate change is an important global environmental issue whose resolution requires participation of all nations, developed and developing.
  • International efforts must be guided by credible scientific information and supported by a credible technology and economic assessment process.
  • Climate change issues are most effectively addressed at the global level.
  • Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) must balance environmental concerns associated with greenhouse gas emissions with the need to promote the continued economic growth necessary for the benefit of all nations.
  • Climate change policies should be comprehensive and market-based, and should not single out or disadvantage specific industries.

All Industries Will Be Affected

        For more than a decade, scientists, policymakers, and others have discussed global climate change that could result from accumulating buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The concern for human-induced change of the earth's atmosphere has become a priority for environmental officials around the globe. Since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the world has moved toward regulating emissions of greenhouse gases. All industries will be affected - users as well as producers of energy - and the outcome of these policies may affect the manner in which you will conduct business into the 21st century. ICCP members believe that policymakers should act to slow the rate of growth of greenhouse gas emissions. However, we urge them to follow a responsible, orderly process to develop a successful approach to mitigate the risks from global climate change. The ICCP believes this process should:
  • Identify a scientifically based, long-term, comprehensive goal;
  • Include a significant role for business and industry expertise and participation in the technical and economic assessment process;
  • Recognize the long lead times needed for technology innovation and dissemination;
  • Include commitments - possibly differentiated - for developing and developed countries and preserve maximum national flexibility in achieving these commitments;
  • Avoid creating industry-specific rules; and
  • Provide monitoring and enforcement to ensure equitable participation of all nations.

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